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Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

    Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus
agosto 25, 2016
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Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

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The wait is finally over. After months of never ending rumors, the mighty Galaxy S8 has been officially announced. The smartphone sees Samsung’s first major design revamping with the device sure to be an absolute blockbuster. Expected to begin selling in late April to early May 2017 with a sizeable price tag of around 95,000 rupees, the Galaxy S8 is your ticket to all-round excellence.

You all remember the Note 7 fiasco yes? While you won’t be getting that back but what the Galaxy S8 brings to the table is a more improved carbon copy of those premium build materials. Featuring curved dual-glass panels at its front and back with Corning Gorilla Glass 5 putting some icing on the cake. IP68 dust and waterproofing are more or less customary features in flagships nowadays and the S8 packs them within remarkable dimensions that include an 8mm width and 155g weight.

Here it finally is; the Galaxy S8 features an outstanding display that covers almost 85% of the front panel, more than any other smartphone in the market barring one or two LG G series phones. Statistically speaking, the smartphone features a curved 5.8 inches Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen with 570ppi pixel density. Flanked by two almost non-existent bezels, the Galaxy S8 undoubtedly signals where the future of smartphone displays is heading towards.

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